Tuesday, 1 April 2014

a few changes

Happy April everyone. It's hard to believe it's spring, since we're still covered in snow, as are so many other places this year. No April fool's necessary, mother nature is taking care of all the tom foolery here!

Life has been relatively quiet around here and, for a while, it seemed my well of creativity had dried up. And while I am still not all that motivated to work on my usual projects; I was bitten by the rearranging bug the other day. My living room is forever in transition and truthfully nothing is safe in here.

Anywho, I thought I would show you our living room's latest incarnation. I was wanting a dedicated seated area so I pulled out a rug that I picked up from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago to help define the space. I know it is a tad small but because of the positioning of our heat registers we really cannot have a bigger rug here (we need our heat unobstructed here!). I pulled my RATTAN CHAIRS out of the dining room and back into the living room and then added a little wood coffee table. There is so much white and painted furniture in here, it feels nice to have some wood grounding the space.

My beloved bench moved in front of the book case, which has pretty much been left alone (I wonder how long that will last).

I created a casual little sitting area in one corner (a corner which always seems to change).

And finally, there is this spot. Remember when I did up the GAMES TABLE to sell, well that never happened. It has found a home here, for the time being anyways. Those chairs haven't seen a make over yet, but they're on my list...

So there you have it. Only a few changes, but it feels like a whole new room. I wonder if you've changed things up lately...

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i just love when you share your home! :) it's so prety!

Julia Konya said...

I change things up all the time too! So pretty! Always love your use of black and white.

Angela Santaniello said...

LOVE it! And I pretty much need that bench! :)

Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

The Design Daredevil said...

I know exactly what you mean! This winter has zapped my brain of anything creative. Your black looks great! SO glad to see someone else who loves black and white as much as I do! XO

Jessie | The Design Daredevil

Elizabeth Joan Designs said...

Looks great! Your home is lovely!

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