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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

furniture feature: revisiting the vintage desk

This desk and I, we've had adventures.

Earlier this year it received it's 1st transformation going from this,

to this,

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After having it in my spaced for a while, I brought it home. Then it languished in the basement for a time. I liked the desk and worked hard on the 1st makeover; so I wasn't in a rush to change it. But, at a certain point I was gonna have to deal with it.  It was eating up valuable real estate in our basement and didn't fit upstairs either. A decision had to be made. Leave it as is (and bring it back to the shop) or change it up again (before bringing it back)?  Undecided, I let it sit a while longer, but Thomas and all things train were coming dangerously close - as was my hoard, which was threatening to swallow the poor thing. It was time to act.

After remembering these 2 furniture makeovers, the rest is history... That green sideboard leaves me speechless and the black and white dresser - oh how I love it.
A 1950s sideboard gets new life with a fresh coat of green paint.
Chrissie's Collections: Striped Dresser

After a whole lot of taping and painting, this desk is outfitted in some sporty new stripes.

For this latest look I used milk paint (in black and buttermilk) on the entire piece and was lucky enough to have it chip/adhere/distress in all the right places. I finished the whole thing off with tung oil (loving this stuff).

So, at this pint, some of you might be wondering why I went to the trouble of making over something that was (in my opinion) perfectly nice and in no real need of changing. Well, friends, the answer is a little complicated, and somewhat nonsensical. It comes down to this... I could not keep the piece, it is just not an option; also, I have a really small shop space, and do not have the room to wait forever (a length of time determined by my current mood) for big pieces to sell; and finally, I like the space to be fresh and interesting; and friends, that means changing it up often and changing things that aren't working, no mater how sentimental I feel about the piece (that can be a tough).

I have to admit, after I finished this one I went on a tour of my house, in search of a spot for this piece, even though I knew we have NO SPACE (I know I've done something good when this happens). Of course I couldn't find one, insert frowny face, so its moved into the shop. Oh woe is me! Who knows maybe 2nd time's a charm. I sure hope so.

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Angela Santaniello said...

LOVE it so much better striped. And now I really, really want to paint stripes on furniture. Which I will inevitably fall in love with and need to keep. ;)

Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Wonderful job on it...I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I lived near!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love the stripes! they suit it perfectly!

Jessie Miller said...

Whoa! That looks great girl, I love anything with a stripy on it. You did an awesome job!

Gretchen said...

nice! I have a really similar desk in my boys' you have me thinking :)

Erika - TiptoeButterfly said...

i use to have an old desk like that - how badly do i wish i still had?!

PS _ have a giveaway going on; check it and spread the love karma

Elizabeth said...

I really like it!! I love how you can still see the patina and worn spots yet it is fresh and interesting. Great job!

Julia Konya said...

The stripes are perfect for the desk. Love it!

Diana Petrillo said...

Hi! Visiting via Wow Us Wed. :) The desk looks fabulous and I predict it will sell very quickly. You do great work! Blessings, Diana
Adirondack Girl @ Heart

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh I love the stripes!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love the stripes and the tones and variations you achieved. Wonderful desk, very eye catching. Pinned it.

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