Wednesday, 16 April 2014

promises, promises, promises and a new table

Well, I had every intention of getting back to my regular schedule. I had every intention, but it didn't happen. That's life. I finally did get a small piece of furniture done, which will help to fill some of the emptiness of my shop space, so that's positive, right...

About this table... I lightly prepped and then painted it using lucketts green by mms, then I took out my acrylic paints and applied some gold accents (I wanted to free hand the gold accents to give it more character). I'm also really happy with how the paint chipped and fell away from the table, it gives the piece such an authenticity. Love it.  I finished it all up with Annie Sloan's clear wax, which is a favorite around here.

Shall we make a before/after comparison??



I have a few other pieces in the works right now and hope to share them soon.  I will tell you that gold is showing up all over the place here... so expect to see more of that.

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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

a few changes

Happy April everyone. It's hard to believe it's spring, since we're still covered in snow, as are so many other places this year. No April fool's necessary, mother nature is taking care of all the tom foolery here!

Life has been relatively quiet around here and, for a while, it seemed my well of creativity had dried up. And while I am still not all that motivated to work on my usual projects; I was bitten by the rearranging bug the other day. My living room is forever in transition and truthfully nothing is safe in here.

Anywho, I thought I would show you our living room's latest incarnation. I was wanting a dedicated seated area so I pulled out a rug that I picked up from Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago to help define the space. I know it is a tad small but because of the positioning of our heat registers we really cannot have a bigger rug here (we need our heat unobstructed here!). I pulled my RATTAN CHAIRS out of the dining room and back into the living room and then added a little wood coffee table. There is so much white and painted furniture in here, it feels nice to have some wood grounding the space.

My beloved bench moved in front of the book case, which has pretty much been left alone (I wonder how long that will last).

I created a casual little sitting area in one corner (a corner which always seems to change).

And finally, there is this spot. Remember when I did up the GAMES TABLE to sell, well that never happened. It has found a home here, for the time being anyways. Those chairs haven't seen a make over yet, but they're on my list...

So there you have it. Only a few changes, but it feels like a whole new room. I wonder if you've changed things up lately...

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Monday, 24 March 2014

galvanized containers and a re-boot

hello... is anyone still there????

I think this is the longest blogging break I've taken in, well, forever. It was  unplanned, but much needed. Sickness, exhaustion and a creative drought just kinda took over and forced me to unplug for a while. I am happy to be back though, and looking forward to catching up with all my bloggy pals!

Oh and in case you visited the shop in the last few weeks and found nothing in my space, I'm sorry for that too. I hope you haven't given up on me completely and you will be happy to know that I was in yesterday filling it back up with all kinds of goodies. March has been a great sales month for me so far, which is awesome, but when I was in yesterday and noted only 1 piece of furniture in my space and just a couple of smalls I couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt and disappointment with myself for not keeping up.

Okay, now that my little housekeeping updates are out of the way, I wanted to talk to you all about something very close to my heart. Galvanized containers. There are about a million ways to incorporate these little wonders into your home and there are about a million ways that I have used them. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ways I've seen people using them. Galvanized containers = a world of possibilities! Enjoy,

Another idea for an old sewing machine table base! Fabulous galvanized tub filled with hostas sitting on the sewing table base.
via pinterest (?original source)
tablescapes by TinyCarmen
via indulgy

via midwest living
Rub a dub, dub ... galvanized tubs
via pinterest (?original source)

111675265732402709 galvanized laundry sink  Hey this would work and be oh so unique.  Plastic utility tub , good bye :)

I dream of having a utility sink (can you believe that this furniture painter is without one of those essentials) and when I dream of my future utility sink it is most definitely a galvanized one. I would also love to make a pendant out of a big wash tub, unfortunately I don't have a spot for something like that, but I sure wish I did. So how about you, are you a galvanized container girl too? How do you use these little beauties around your home???

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Friday, 7 March 2014

shop space & your opinions please...

This week I changed things up again. My space saw the addition of THIS DESK, and I'm hoping that our local shoppers will like it as much as I do! It is now joining a few other furniture pieces, remember THIS POLKA DOT CABINET and THIS MCM SIDE TABLE ?

Anyway, while I was in prettying things up I forgot to snap some pictures. So I can't show you those, but would you take my word for it that it's absolutely fabulous...

This post isn't a total bust though, because friends, I need your advice! You see, I'm thinking about changing the walls, right now they are cloaked in burlap but I'm thinking, if they'll let me, I would like to paint the walls out in black. Wait come back... Hear me out, please! You see I am battling the peg board uglies (I know is probably just my own hangup and that it's super useful and that if it's good enough for Julia Child, well then...), but I just can't get past it... I think that black walls would do wonders to disguise the holes while also really accentuating the pieces in the space. I have been wanting to paint a room in the house black for a while now, but I can't decide which one, so tackling the shop space might be a good compromise... Convinced? No. Well, you asked for it then. I'm gonna have to show you these:

sneak peek: zoe johns & max catalano | Design*Sponge
? design sponge

How could you deny the utter fabulousness of these walls!?! When I went looking for images of black walls I ran into pages and pages of inspiring rooms painted in black and I have to say that you can really take a black wall in any direction. It looks good as a moody backdrop, a high contrast space, with minimal accoutrements or layered to the max. I am pretty sold on them right now, but... 

What would you do? stick with the burlap or change it up to black???? Oh and just so you know my space is really well lit, so I'm not worried about turning it into a cave.

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

furniture feature: revisiting the vintage desk

This desk and I, we've had adventures.

Earlier this year it received it's 1st transformation going from this,

to this,

go to original post

After having it in my spaced for a while, I brought it home. Then it languished in the basement for a time. I liked the desk and worked hard on the 1st makeover; so I wasn't in a rush to change it. But, at a certain point I was gonna have to deal with it.  It was eating up valuable real estate in our basement and didn't fit upstairs either. A decision had to be made. Leave it as is (and bring it back to the shop) or change it up again (before bringing it back)?  Undecided, I let it sit a while longer, but Thomas and all things train were coming dangerously close - as was my hoard, which was threatening to swallow the poor thing. It was time to act.

After remembering these 2 furniture makeovers, the rest is history... That green sideboard leaves me speechless and the black and white dresser - oh how I love it.
A 1950s sideboard gets new life with a fresh coat of green paint.
Chrissie's Collections: Striped Dresser

After a whole lot of taping and painting, this desk is outfitted in some sporty new stripes.

For this latest look I used milk paint (in black and buttermilk) on the entire piece and was lucky enough to have it chip/adhere/distress in all the right places. I finished the whole thing off with tung oil (loving this stuff).

So, at this pint, some of you might be wondering why I went to the trouble of making over something that was (in my opinion) perfectly nice and in no real need of changing. Well, friends, the answer is a little complicated, and somewhat nonsensical. It comes down to this... I could not keep the piece, it is just not an option; also, I have a really small shop space, and do not have the room to wait forever (a length of time determined by my current mood) for big pieces to sell; and finally, I like the space to be fresh and interesting; and friends, that means changing it up often and changing things that aren't working, no mater how sentimental I feel about the piece (that can be a tough).

I have to admit, after I finished this one I went on a tour of my house, in search of a spot for this piece, even though I knew we have NO SPACE (I know I've done something good when this happens). Of course I couldn't find one, insert frowny face, so its moved into the shop. Oh woe is me! Who knows maybe 2nd time's a charm. I sure hope so.

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Monday, 3 March 2014

inspiration: Irish homes

In honor of Saint Patrick and all things Irish,  last week I showed you some Irish country interiors (HERE). But how could I leave it there? I think I owe it to you to show you some exteriors and landscapes. This, after all, is where all the magic happens (in my humble opinion).


Kylemore Abby



Irish Cottage

Photo: Sunlit hills and sand dunes in Ireland


West Port
West Port
Thanks for touring along with me. To see more of our family's trip to Ireland (last year) go HERE.

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

DIY mason jar sconces

 I started this project 2 years ago. It is only now that I am considering it done and share worthy. Don't get me wrong, I was using them before, they just weren't finished. By not finished I am referring to the cord. The ugly white, plastic cord which was hanging out for all the world to see.

Here's where we started:

Ă…RSTID Wall lamp IKEA

 I found the Ikea sconces (pictured above) at a thrift store one day and knew I could put them to good use; but I wanted something a little more rustic and dramatic. So off came the shade and out came the black mat spray paint. Then I fitted a mason jar to the sconce using the same process I described HERE. Finally, I wrapped the length of the cord with jute. I know I could have disguised the cord in other ways but I really wanted something textural. Wrapping jute is something I loath, probably why it took me years to get around to doing it. However, even though I hate the process I do love the result.

I started this project in the midst of the mason jar mania. I know the whole trend has grown a little tired; and I recently considered replacing these sconces with something else; but in the end I couldn't. I am kinda attached to these guys and I think they fit with what's happening in our family room. I have canned the mason jars in other areas of the house (we had them everywhere). So a couple here and there can't be all bad can it?

You can check out lights I've worked on HERE.
To see lights that are inspiring me go HERE.

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